Thursday, August 16, 2007

Matt's Ricky Gervais Dance

Since my last post talked about Rick Gervais, I figured I'd post the David Brent dance that he does in the BBC Office. This is going out to those of you who were in Rocky Point and were wondering what the heck Matt was doing when he was dancing drunk. Here is his inspiration:

I wish Matt would have done the whole thing including sound effects but I guess we'll all have to settle for the little part that he did for us. Thanks Matthew Brent!

Matt's David Brent Dance
Price: A Couple of Shots of Jagermeister
Rocky Point, Mexico


Shannon said...

Did you know that Ricky Gervais did this dance to kill time during the Princess Diana concert last month? Yup. Pretty funny. Crowd went nuts! They were chanting for him to dance. Imagine 70,000 people chanting "dance, dance, dance..."!

Eunice said...

Yeah, Andrea told me about it. Man they are crazy about Ricky over there and they should be, he’s a comic genius! I was so mad because after she told me, VH1 re-aired the concert but only an hour of it. Although they included Ricky singing Free Love Freeway (From the Original Brit Office) they didn’t show him doing the dance. Then someone posted it on youtube and by the time I went to see it, they had taken it down so I wasn’t able to see it. That dance was one of my favorite things from the Brit Office and I missed it :o( Ah, well. Matt did a good job with it though!