Sunday, October 28, 2007

Support The Rabid! : Michael Scott’s Dunder-Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For the Cure

The time has come for another one of Matt’s “Let’s get pumped and run another marathon” phases that he goes through. This consists of him trying to get any and everyone to run in a marathon or half marathon with him. This time he was able to trick, er convince his brothers to run with him. He tried to get me to do join but he got the same response he always gets from me: Hell to the, Hell to the, Hell to the, Heeeeeeeellllll to the NO!

After months of slacking, er training, it was time for the guys to finally strut their stuff in the San Jose Half Marathon. Tima and I made sure we got to the race early. I didn’t want a repeat of what happened in Matt’s San Diego Marathon. I still get shit from him for not getting to the finish line by the time he finished. Since we got there early, we were able to get a good position at the finish line to wait for them. The only bad side to this was that this one female runner puked right in front of us just before she crossed the finish line. It was straight out of The Office. Remember when Michael carbo-loaded right before his Fun Run and puked at the finish line? Yeah, we re-lived that at the marathon. So gross! Anyways, here go some pics of the marathon:

Me and my sign. Isn't it Dawesome?

We had a nurse on site in case any of the guys passed out ;o)

Me, Tima and Lee. Our sign turned out very patriotic, didn't it?

Me and Matt: He Fleeced it Out! Dinkin Flicka!

Tima and Mark

The Boys!

After the marathon, Matt and I headed off to San Francisco for the day. Our other alternative was to go watch the Cowboys play on tv. Bleah! I’d rather hit myself in the head with a hammer. (Sorry, Andrea, and all other Cowboy fans, but we have to agree to disagree. And your taste in football teams is what is wrong with this world….and the Cowboy’s are the devil’s butthole).

We got to Fisherman’s Wharf in about 45 minutes or so but parking was caaaraaazy! It was nice out. We took a boat tour that took us to the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. The Golden Gate Bridge was beautiful BUT I don’t know what it was about that place but the closer the boat got to the bridge, the colder it got. Seriously, I thought I was going to die…on boat day. It was so weird, but as soon as we started to sail away towards Alcatraz the coldness and numbness went away.

Matt on the Ferry

Nappy Haired Eunice: Thanks, wind :o(


Golden Gate Bridge

After the boat tour, we ate at this nice restaurant on the wharf and walked around a little bit. We were very entertained by this guy we call “Bush Man”. I know that sounds so wrong but it really isn’t. “Bush Man” is this guy who basically has a couple of bushes that he hides behind and as people walk by, he jumps out and scares you. He has a tip jar for this. I am being so serious. This is very funny if it’s not you he’s scaring. He did this to Matt and I as we were walking by. Matt jumped a little, but me, well let’s just say I had to put some money into the swear jar for this one. I let out a huge F-bomb! After you get over the fact that you almost crapped your pants, its fun to stand along the sidelines and watch the next sucker come along. We didn't stay in SF too long after that because we had to get the car back but we had a good time!

A guy goes to a five dollar... lady of the night and he gets crabs. So, the next day he goes back to complain. And the woman says "Hey. It was only five dollars. What did you expect? Lobster?"

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Go, Hogan, Go!

You know how Forrest Gump just ran and ran and had nowhere to go but he still kept running? Well, now imagine a dog paddling on and on with nowhere to go and you will be imagining our Hogan. Everytime Matt and I give Hogan a bath, we always crack up so we figured we'd record it and put it up for you guys to laugh at. It never gets old. There doesn't have to be any water but once you bring Hogan anywhere near the bathtub, he starts paddling his feet. (Can you hear Mya in the background crying? She is having a fit because we are paying attention to Hogan and not her). Enjoy!