Friday, October 24, 2008

Tweet Me!

Hey guys! I've decided to join the twitter bandwagon. I just started today and am having fun with it. You can find my twitter updates on the right side of the blog. Also, if you wanna follow me on twitter and feel like you want to know about all of the exciting things that happen to me all day, like when I have something stuck in my shoe, just hop on and follow me on twitter. Come on! You know you wanna. Nothing like a little peer pressure to get you out there.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Walking on Air

I must tell you about my new favorite flip flops. They are the greatest! They are made by North Face. They're called Base Camp flip flops. As you can see below they have the egg crate soles and they massage your feet as you walk! They are SO comfortable! My feet generally ache, throb actually, whenever I wear flip flops for any length of time, but I wore these North Face flip flops all weekend long and I actually forgot I was wearing them! That's how comfortable they are. I will admit the first day or two was interesting as I broke them in, but ever since it's been like walking on air. The straps keep the bottoms close to your feet, like they're hugging your feet, and the toe thingy is made of soft cloth (as opposed to painful rigid plastic, one of my worst enemies), and they even have anatomic arch support. I got them in black but NF makes them in other colors like the white and yellow ones below. And they're not expensive, about the same price as Reefs, one of my two other favorite flip flops (the other being the Crocs version). You can find them wherever sandals like this are sold. I found mine at REI in Denver.
North Face Base Camp flip flops