Monday, August 27, 2007


Ahhhh as of 0530 I finally finished season 2 of LOST. It has been a suspenseful 2+ weeks as I went through the seasons 1&2 (thank you E). I can't believe they spent a good amount of time just sitting on my desk waiting to be watched. Once I started, I was hooked. I was a little unnerved flying last week worried I was going to end up on some island without finishing the season I had started. And there were a few episodes in season 1 that I watched with the light on. The finale from season 2 did have me on the edge of my chair. Michael sucks! I have so many few answers..... Well now I have a long 4 months to wait until season 3 is out on DVD so I can have another mini marathon so that I'm caught up. Oh well, back to waiting another couple of weeks until my fall shows are up and running.

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Eunice said...

Yeah Michael is kind of messed up but can you say you would have acted differently if someone had taken your child and that was the only way you could get him back? It’s a tough decision. So yeah, you really have to watch Season three since it was really really good. Way better than season 2. I don’t know how you can wait knowing that it’s out there ready for you to watch! You know, you can get it off of iTunes. I think they have the whole season on there for like $30 or something instead of the $50 you would pay for the dvd. If you want to watch them for free, you can go to and they have Lost Season 3 on there and you can watch it…for free. Did I forget to mention that it’s FREE?