Friday, August 3, 2007

Bloggity Blog

Happy Friday to all my bloggers. This is my first post to the site, and its going to be a quick one. Things have been so busy with work, school and my social life ;) Wedding plans are coming along quickly, which is good, because we havent much time left! Anyway, the purpose of the blog is to keep everyone posted so we can all be on the up and up about whats going on in our lives. I'll start off today by telling you some of my likes and maybe tomorrow you'll get to hear more.

So, to get you all started on this little voyage I share with you my guilty pleasure for cars. I love me a Mercedez-Benz anyday. Although I will have to wait for a 2008 or 2009 model which is even better than the existing 2007. Check out for more photos on the new model.

I love to run too...This picture is from our last 1/2 marathon (PF Changs 2007)

Love Kathy Griffin, she has a great show, and its not pricey, if you ever get the chance, watch her! she is a riot and she talks about current issues and people.

So, I hope you've enjoyed my post for the more later.


Eunice said...

I remember this day! It was so effin cold and Andrea and I froze our asses off while you guys ran. You know its love when we show up at the crack of dawn just to sit in the cold waiting three hours to watch you guys cross the line. You guys should have seen what we did to try to keep warm! Andrea even gave me one of her gloves. Awww…

Andrea said...

Aww your blog is cute!

It is is love, true love!! And yes hopefully one day you'll get your car, I would also like a new car, maybe we can share! 8-)

TimaSue said...

thats cute! dave's in his running tank top and andrea looks like she's freezing to death.