Friday, May 15, 2009

Wayman Tisdale 1964-2009

His first love

Squeezing between Karl Malone and John Stockton for the Tizzy Flip

The famous smile

How I remember him - high top fade, powder blue uni, short shorts

We'll most definitely miss you. RIP Tizzy!

I would go on but I've cried enough today. Besides, if you're lacking for reading or listening material there are plenty of stories, videos, and blogs to read and watch, or you can download any one of his eight jazz albums to listen to. I have a handful of personal stories and interactions with him and his family that I've been remembering all day but it's just too sad to rehash right now. I feel like I lost part of my family today. He is my all-time #2 favorite player behind fellow former King Lionel Simmons. And today marks on one of the top 3 worst days in my own personal Sacramento Kings history (Ricky Berry's suicide, Lionel Simmons' retirement). It's times like these I wish I was still in Sac, surrounded by my "family" reminiscing and saying goodbye to someone we dearly loved and cherished. He was one of the old school Kings, one of the players that the city of Sacramento loved so much no matter the team's record. Everyone in Sacramento has a fondness for those players that will never die. They were THE Kings, they were ours, they were us. The world lost a great man today and he will be forever missed. Long live the King, long live the Tizzy Flip, long live #23. My thoughts and prayers are with your family (Regina, Danielle, Gabrielle, Brandon, Tiffany).