Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Office is baaaack! Every pot has a lid…even cracked pots.

There is no way in this world that I could be happier, right now. I’m serious. My show is back and whoa did it come back?! Just everything about tonight’s episode was great but could I have doubted it? I mean it WAS written by Gene and Lee, my favorite writing group on The Office. And yes folks, everything in the world is right, today. Jim and Pam are engaged! One of my most favorite things about this show is that it is a comedy that isn’t afraid to put emotion into its episodes. It has so much heart. It makes you feel for these people. When they have a momentous occasion, WE have a momentous occasion. I won’t lie to you, I’m still crying as I type this. Such a simple proposal and it still kicked Beesly’s (and our) ass like Jim said it would. Thank you Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski for playing these characters the way you guys do.

Finally! I LOVE love.

And then we have Michael and Holly. Are they the new Jim and Pam? I won’t mind if they are. I love Holly Flax so much and Amy Ryan plays her so well. That scene where Jim says she’s a dork and then they cut to Holly and Michael rapping was one of my highlights of tonight. I’m going to copy a quote that Amy said herself, “Every pot has a lid…even cracked pots.” Yes, Michael, there is someone out there for you. You better play this right, son! I can't say enough that love what they do with the relationships on this show.

Angerella-ella-ella-ella-ay. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Little miss judgmental is being very naughty. God is not going to like that, Half Pint. What are you doing to poor Andy? I mean, don’t get me wrong. I always thought her and Dwight were made for each other but why does she have to drag Andy into this? Just break up with him already. Poor guy. My heart broke for him when he told her that he didn’t care where they got married as long as he was with her. Andy, you should “take a chance” on somebody else.

There’s so much other great stuff and hilarious moments that happened in this episode but I’ve only seen it once. I haven't even gone over the hilarious parts. Kelly killed it as did Oscar. They rocked my world. Maybe I’ll update after the second viewing. But for now, I leave you guys with this:

Jim and Pam are engaged, y’all!!! (Look at that proposal and that kiss! So perfect. I'm scared to admit how many times I've seen that clip.)

Gene and Lee, I beer you five for this episode!

So, what were your guys' favorite moments?

Whoops, not so fast FireD Guy. First deleted scene is up!


Shannon said...

The proposal DID kick our ass! I totally wasn't expecting it, at a rest stop, in the middle of a rain storm, at lunchtime, spur of the moment, when both had to drive way long to meet each other. I loved Pam getting mad at Jim for making her drive longer, and for her actually knowing it was longer for her. I loved the smile on Jim's face when he returned for the weigh in and everyone asked why he was wet and smiling. When does the rest of the group find out? I did like how Angela totally left Dwight hanging when Andy said he'd marry her anywhere. Even though Holly is around and Michael acts more human around her, he still goes and tears her tickets up. That was hilarious. He's still Michael. LOL. You know, Pam would have noticed Angela and Dwight sneaking off together, but the new receptionist isn't clued in.

Andrea said...

One of the GREATEST Office moments EVER! I agree with everything you gals have said! Last night we couldn't have asked for more!!! The more I watch the proposal the more I want to cry! They look so happy and Jim seems so proud when he comes back to the office to weigh in. How far they have come, to know that he once couldn't even tell her he liked her as more than a friend to now being engaged, I mean WOW, what a ride. I LOVE IT!!!

And Holly and Michael, who can deny that they are two peas in a pod, perfect for each other in every way...I heart Amy Ryan as Holly and hope hope hope she returns to Scranton some time in the very near future! Good bye JAN!

Eunice said...

I've already watched the episode three times and the proposal waaaay more times than I care to admit. I wish I would have written about all the funny that was in the episode because there was a lot. I thought Mindy Kaling killed it in this episode. This has to be one of my favorite Kelly episodes.

What do you guys think about Ryan coming back? I know in the real world, it's not likely that DM would let Ryan come back but it is through the temp agency so I doubt that David Wallace knows about it. I love to hate douchebag!Ryan.