Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Bleed Gold!

You know what I’m excited about, right now? ASU Football. Matt and I got season tickets and he did a pretty good job. We are on the 40th yard line about 15 rows up. The devils are supposed to be good this year. I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed that they don’t screw the pooch! Bring on Georgia!

View from our seats

Go Devils!


Shannon said...

AS Who? (You know I had to!)

Eunice said...

You need to stop drinking that haterade. ;o)

TimaSue said...

oooh looks like fun, especially the part where you no longer have to stand the entire game! so is the uofa game here in phoenix this year?

Eunice said...

We still do some standing just not the whole game like before.

I believe the UofA game is in Tucson this year. It was in Tempe last year. Matt, Boone and I went together last year and it was fuuuuh-reazing!

Eunice said...

I meant "fuuuuuh-reezing".