Sunday, September 21, 2008

Emmy Shmemmys

No, I'm not bitter that my show got none...none awards (insert sarcastic emoticon). Whatevs. The best show on tv continues to be legendary and I can't wait until the premiere in...wait for it...four days!

Whoever (whomever?) decided that it would be wise to have five reality tv hosts be the hosts of the Emmys are idiots. These people suuuuucked. There was only one ray of sunshine in this whole show and it involved two of my comedy heroes:

Ricky Gervais and Steve Carell at the 2008 Emmys

I love Steve playing the angry man. Ricky or Steve should have hosted this year. These two were funnier in these three minutes than all the others were in the whole show. Does that surprise me? No. Especially since Steve and Gervais, or Gervais' absence from last year's show rather, were the best part of that Emmys.

Before I forget...this next clip was also a highlight of the Emmys for me. Come on! You didn't think I WASN'T going to post John's clip, right? I thought you guys knew me better. This is from the part in the Emmys where actors where saying their favorite memorable quotes.

If I close my eyes really tight, I can pretend he's saying it to me.


Shannon said...

So, sorry to be anti-TV celebration tonight, but I'm taping the Emmys actually (I know, blasphemy). I wanted to watch the last Yankees game more, so I did. However, I just had to check the site to see what you wrote and I did watch the clips you posted. I really can't wait until Thursday! I bet it had to be awful to be SC's wife and try to keep a straight face! :)

Eunice said...

Girl, you did not miss anything. The Shmemmys were Boring...yes with a capital B. The hosts sucked and I love 30 Rock and all, but really, The Office deserved at least two of those awards. Gene and Lee deserved to win for Dinner Party. They wrote a great script and it was better than Fey's "Cooter" script. And Steve's submission for the Emmy was "Goodbye, Toby". I've watched that episode more times than I care to admit and his acting is superb in it. It really is. I mean his expressions and just everything were great. As an actor, he conveyed so much. Baldwin's submission for best actor doesn't even touch Steve's.

Ah, well. Maybe these wins will help keep 30 Rock on the air because it is a good show and does deserve to be watched. I'm just sad that my show didn't win.

Eunice said...

Oh and yes, I can't wait for Thursday, either!