Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grand Canyon

Last weekend was quite an adventure. Some friends of ours came in from out of town and we decided to go up to the Grand Canyon with them for the day. I am so glad we ended up going with them because we had a blast! Matt and I hadn’t been to the Grand Canyon since we were kids so it was nice to re-experience this together and with some friends.



Some Badass Chicks

We took a shuttle that dropped us off at the different viewpoints. I was amazed at the fact that there wasn’t any railing at some of the viewpoints. It made me crazy nervous.

Matt freaking me out a little

My favorite pic. Doesn't this look like a portrait?

Yes, I'm holding on to the tree. What?!

We had a late lunch/early dinner at this lodge at the GC. Was it wise of us to have drinks while visiting the GC? Others might not think that’s safe, but you know what? We got back alive so yeah, it was safe. I think we were in the restaurant for a couple of hours and when we were done, the outside was all hazy. No, we weren’t drunk. It was snowing, you guys! It was crazy how it just all hit all of a sudden. It was actually really cool…cold, but really cool.

Lunch with second and third drinks at the lodge.

Snow! The wind was blowing so hard.

The Matt's covering their cold ears

Did I mention it was freezing?

Our view on our drive home

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Shannon said...

Oh my gosh, such great pictures! Really cute! It really does look like you had a blast! And the snow was so random! Glad you all got home safe!