Monday, November 24, 2008

Dude, I SO called it!!!

You remember my TV blog way back in Sept? Remember when I said the dude who attacked Brooke is going to be related to the new girl in Haley's class on One Tree Hill? Remember how I said the attacker would also be connected to Q's death, as in, he was the killer? Remember how I said it would be money? M-O-N-E-Y, baby! Make it RAIN! Well, mostly money, not quite a torrential downpour. But close! The girl in Haley's class turned out to be Sam, Brooke's future foster kid. And as of tonight we finally know the connection between all of them! She got mad that Brooke caught her shoplifting, said something to one of her friends, who in turn had his brother, Q's killer, attack Brooke in revenge! I know, money, right?! :D Just had to mention that. Oh, and how weird/freakin' cool was it to see former WB/CW icon Dawson Leery playing none other than a coke-snorting film producer trying to produce Lucas' film?! Also freakin' cool? He "knows" a thing or two about best friends ending up together. Ha! Except him and Joey didn't end up together, she ended up with Pacey. So...sound anything like the Lucas/Brooke/Peyton love triangle currently playing out on Dawson's Creek's former TV network? Does it make it too weird that they're filming OTH in the same city and on the same sound stage as DC? No? It kinda does to me. Especially since Chad Michael Murray, the aforementioned Lucas, played a guy named Charlie Todd on DC for 12 eps. Seriously, incest! Good, old-fashioned TV incest! In the nicest possible, most freakin' cool way! :) Hahahaha!

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Eunice said...

I don't watch this show but your post made me laugh! I heard Dawson was going to be on and that he was going to play a cokehead. That is too hilarious! I wonder when Joey and Pacey will be on? Ha!