Friday, October 24, 2008

Tweet Me!

Hey guys! I've decided to join the twitter bandwagon. I just started today and am having fun with it. You can find my twitter updates on the right side of the blog. Also, if you wanna follow me on twitter and feel like you want to know about all of the exciting things that happen to me all day, like when I have something stuck in my shoe, just hop on and follow me on twitter. Come on! You know you wanna. Nothing like a little peer pressure to get you out there.


Shannon said...

Yay! More stuff to read! :)

Eunice said...

Sweet! You should get a twitter account so we can "follow" each other. It's pretty addicting.

Do you have your computer set up at your new place yet? Also, YAY FOR YOUR DVR!!

Shannon said...

Never got my computer hooked up last night. I wanted to watch Ryan Howard (former HS classmate) win a World Series title but it got suspended by rain. :( I am still figuring out DVR though. It's a little frustrating. Actually, the new remote with all the buttons in new locations is the frustrating part. :)

I will definitely get a Twitter account! I was checking out who you follow and vice versa. Do the Office cast have Twitter accounts for you to follow? That would be sweet!