Thursday, October 2, 2008

Walking on Air

I must tell you about my new favorite flip flops. They are the greatest! They are made by North Face. They're called Base Camp flip flops. As you can see below they have the egg crate soles and they massage your feet as you walk! They are SO comfortable! My feet generally ache, throb actually, whenever I wear flip flops for any length of time, but I wore these North Face flip flops all weekend long and I actually forgot I was wearing them! That's how comfortable they are. I will admit the first day or two was interesting as I broke them in, but ever since it's been like walking on air. The straps keep the bottoms close to your feet, like they're hugging your feet, and the toe thingy is made of soft cloth (as opposed to painful rigid plastic, one of my worst enemies), and they even have anatomic arch support. I got them in black but NF makes them in other colors like the white and yellow ones below. And they're not expensive, about the same price as Reefs, one of my two other favorite flip flops (the other being the Crocs version). You can find them wherever sandals like this are sold. I found mine at REI in Denver.
North Face Base Camp flip flops


Eunice said...

I luuurve flip flops. I like those yellow ones. I might have to go out and look for some. I haven't seen those at all. My favorite flip flops have been the Tommy Hillfiger (sp?) ones. I've bought two pair and they are so comfy. I've worn them to walk far and they never hurt. The Nike flip flops are pretty comfy too. Oh and there's this brand called Cobias that are comfy but I can't wear them if I'm walking a lot. Those are more summery flip flops. So as far as comfy goes, the TH ones are the ones that have worked for me.

But I gotta tell ya, I'm really loving those yellow NF ones you posted a picture of. I like bright things. Also, it looks like it feels like you're walking on clouds with the egg crate design. I'm definitely going to look for those!

Shannon said...

REI is having a sale on them! Quick, check if they're selling your size! And the sale only applies to those white and yellow ones you love. I think they're on sale for 10 bucks! I forget what size I got, 7 or 8. They don't do half sizes. I've also seen them in gray I think. The REI in Denver had a ton of them, both men's and women's. You could probably try a sports store or an outdoor store like Cabela's or something similar. Isn't there a mall store called the flip flop shop? I would swear by these ff's just because my feet kill so bad in other brands. I will have to check out your recommendations though. I hadn't been made aware of those before. :) I do have Nike though but I haven't worn them yet. Crocs, as weird as they might look, are comfy too. Takes a bit to get used to the soft rubber in between the toe thingy though, but it doesn't hurt like the stiff plastic ones. Ugh.

Shannon said...

Dick's Sporting Goods and Sports Authority are selling them too but only in 3 sizes. has the best selection in many sizes, and the NF website has a new color I've never seen - big sky blue. I guess the newer ones are going with the bigger egg crate sole, as opposed to the smaller like in the picture. That's probably why the selection sucks. I'm going to stock up then on my black ones and get gray too!