Thursday, February 7, 2008


What did I do the other weekend? Oh, I don’t know, just drove down to LA, hung out with Matt’s brother…oh and we met Ed Helms! Matt and I scored some tickets to see him at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade (UCB) Theatre (think Groudlings, Second City and that’s what UCB is). Ed has a talk show there every month with his fellow improv bro Seth Morris (Curb Your Enthusiasm).

Let me start off by telling you that the UCB Theatre is literally right across the street from the Scientology Celebrity Center, Intl. That place is huge…HUGE! It reminded me of one of those castles in those old vampire movies. They were having a shindig there and let me tell you that those Scientologists know how to partay cause they were blasting the music. (Ain’t no partay like my nana’s tea partay!) I wonder if Tom and Katie were in there busting a move alongside Xenu.

We had to stand out in the rain for about 40 minutes before they were letting people in to the show. When we got in, we were able to sit in the front row. The venue was really small (maybe 100-150 people) so that was nice. The format of the show is kind of weird and interesting. Their show is called “The Seth and Ed Puppet Talk Show”. Yeah, you heard right, puppets. I was kind of weary of this before hand but was pleasantly surprised at how funny it was. The way it worked was that Seth and Ed had two puppets and they talked not like puppets but as themselves. They joked around for a good fifteen minutes or so about various things such as global warming (or whorming as they called it), scientologists, crazy Tom Cruise, Fools Gold (you know, the horrible movie by Kate Hudson and Matt McConaughey), scribblings found on public bathroom walls, and I can’t even remember what else.

They had a couple of celebrity comedians come in and do stand up and then when they got done the comedians would go sit with them and talk…with the puppets. The comedians that went up were Matt Walsh founder of the UCB theatre and then Thomas Lennon (aka Lieutenant Jim Dangle on Reno 911!) Both were really funny and then they got paired with Ed and Seth and well, it just got funnier. I have to mention that while we were there to primarily see Ed Helms (nailed it!), we were pleasantly surprised by Seth Morris. He was really funny and had some good comebacks and one liners.

When the show was over, they all left the stage and everyone started filing out. I really had to pee, so I stood in the long line for the ladies room while Matt waited in the lobby of the theatre. As the line got shorter and shorter, I noticed Ed Helms came back out to get some stuff of off the stage. A couple of girls went up to talk to him and that’s when I said, “Screw the bathroom” (not literally) and went to the lobby to go get Matt. When we got back Ed was still there so we went up and introduced ourselves to him. He was way taller than I had imagined him to be (and to be honest, he was a lot cuter too). So adorable! We told him we drove up from Phoenix, and he just kept saying “Wow, I hope the show didn’t suck”. He was so funny and charming. We talked a little bit about The Office and I am totally spacing on what else we talked about. His friend came over to where we were and Ed introduced us (by name, which he rememebered!) to his friend who then talked to us and Ed for a little while. It was just really cool and he was a great, funny guy. Another reason why I adore this cast! Oh, and he smelled like what I think Pierce Brosnan smells like.

P.S. We hit up the Palm Springs outlets on the way back. Major damage done to my bank account by Coach and BCBG Max Azria…but I’ll tell you guys about that in another blog. We also hit up 3rd Street to do some shopping and man, there were a ton of performers on the streets and their buckets were full of cash. I think Matt, his brother and I are going to quit our day jobs and do that instead. Matt and Lee can perform with their mad Rock Band and Guitar Hero skills and I can do the dancing. Maybe some break dancing. I just have to remember it's pop-and-lock not pop-and-dangle.


Eugenia said...

Hi! I think I'm one of "the (fan)girls" who was bugging him. He was soooo kind and it was so cool to meet him. Thanks for sharing your photo. It's adorable!

Eunice said...

Yay! Another "fan girl"! Don't you just love the cast?

de said...

I love the cast to death! And after seeing Ed perform live and meeting him I think I'll see anything that he's in. I started working on a little fansite to kind of collect fun Ed Helms stuff together for his fans if you wanna check it out.

Yeah, I'm geek...

e said...

oops, ^ that was from eugenia. i forgot which account i was logged into.