Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm F$%king Who?

Ok, guys. Remember, I told you about Sarah Silverman's video "I'm f$%king Matt Damon." I know I told you guys I was going to email it to you but I forgot. Anyways, this is from Jimmy Kimmel's tv show's anniversary and she came on the show and played this video for him. It was pretty hilarious because as we know, Jimmy Kimmel has this running joke on the show where he always cuts off Matt Damon whenever he comes on the show. Well, in order to get payback, Matt Damon and Sarah Silverman (Jimmy Kimmel's girlfriend) made this hilariously awesome video. (My favorite part is the hip-hop part). Trust me, this video is funny:

That video has made it's round on youtube and has been watched something like 8 million times. Well, last night was Jimmy's big Oscars show and well he got his payback. He showed a video called "I'm f$%king Ben Affleck." I must admit Matt Damon's was funnier but this one is classic as well. Gotta love the shirt Ben Affleck is wearing. Also, we get some classic appearances from Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Don Cheadle, Harrison Ford, Charlie from Lost and many others. Enjoy!

Sooo, what do you think?


Matt said...

Not as funny as the sarah silverman one, but still good. He got some real good celebs to join in.

Shannon said...

I watched the new video early this morning. I thought it was great but I agree Matt's and Sarah's video was funnier and better put together, although gathering that many people/celebrities for the choir was an awesome idea! They needed a better song though. I thought it was great Brad Pitt was the FedEx delivery guy and Don Cheadle was in the choir since both co-starred with Damon in the Ocean's movie trilogy. I remember reading about all of the on-set pranks being pulled on each other by Brad, Matt, Don, and George Clooney. I think Matt and Sarah should retaliate. Then again maybe it's over with and they should call a truce. Ah, no, who am I kidding, that wouldn't be very much fun! Here's my idea...gather all the spouses/sig others of those in Jimmy and Ben's video (inc Jennifer Garner and Sarah of course, and Jolie if she'd agree to it) and do something Big Love-like. Make it family related with all the kids (or stand-in look-alike kids), one big happy family, and at the very end have George Clooney come on and say he's F-ing Sarah too. It would get back at everyone in Jimmy and Ben's video. But it might be too much and blow the joke up far past the Jimmy-Matt thing.

Eunice said...

Totally agree. Sarah's was better. I just loved how Matt Damon busted in singing "on the floor, one the bed..." but I did think it was funny that Jimmy retaliated. You know what they say: Tit-for-tit.

Also, Shannon, that is some crazy funny idea. Are you sure you're not some secret producer somewhere?

Shannon said...

LOL! Yup, I'm pretty sure I'm not a secret producer, but that's a good idea! :) People think because I don't talk very much that my brain must be empty, but I do have an imagination in there. Seriously though, if anyone else is reading this I have dibs/copyright/trademark/whatever on my own idea! No stealing allowed!!! :)