Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New York, New York: The city so nice, they named it twice! DAY ONE.

In case you all haven’t heard, Dave, Andrea, Matt and I took a little trip up to NYC. It was a mini birthday vacation. We had so much fun and want to go back already. I’m going to jot down some of my favorite things about each of the days there so you guys can feel like you were there with us. Instead of posting a super long NY blog, I’m going to split it up into days. So, stand back because here goes the first installment.

Day One:
So, day one is really like day one plus a night. We ended up taking the red eye out on Thursday night. We figured we could sleep on the plane and then have all day Friday to scour the city and that way we would save on hotel costs for Thursday night. Bad idea…bad idea jeans. I think I slept two hours on the flight up. It was a good flight though, if you don’t consider the biatch that was sitting behind me. I’m trying to keep this blog PG so I won’t talk about her or else it’ll get all stupid up in here. We flew Jet Blue for the first time and I gotta say I loved it. Every seat had it’s own tv with Direct TV and XM radio, free of charge. Did somebody say free? Me likes free.

We got to NYC at 7am-ish (that would be 4am-ish Phoenix time for those keeping track). We were able to do an early check-in at our hotel, which was right around the corner from the Letterman studio. We did breakfast at this café. Everyone said I should try a bagel in NYC because they are supposed to be the “best bagels”. They tasted the same to me. No problem, since I like bagels anyway… but I’m just saying.

We spent the day walking to Rockefeller Center and going to the NBC Experience store. You know Andrea and I had to pick up some Office merchandise. I got the Fun Run t-shirt and the “Support the Rabid” wristband, which I ended up forgetting in the hotel because it was so small. Idiot. I also bought a Panther Football t-shirt from the NBC store. It’s so soft.

Aww, Steve! You know we had to take a pic of this.

We also went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It was so beautiful. I fell in love with it’s architecture and all of the carvings in the walls and the ceilings and just everything. Can you imagine being married there? Next, time we go to NY, I am going to make it a priority to go to mass there.

Another cool thing we got to do that day was attend a taping of The Conan O’Brien show. It was so exciting. The first thing we all said to each other when we went in to sit down was, “Wow, this is so small. It looks so much bigger on tv” (TWSS!) but really, the studio was so tiny. We were so close. It was pretty fun because they had a warm-up guy come out and tell some jokes before the show started. Conan even came out and talked to the audience before the show started. I don’t know if you guys watched the show, but Conan did this bit about Fleet Week and the sailors he was talking to were sitting two people away from us. There are some scenes where you can see Matt, Andrea and I. The tickets were free *and* we got a free Conan tee. Suhweet! (Remember when I said I liked free? I wasn’t kidding.)

This is a screenshot of us on the Conan show!

Later that night we had our first encounter with the subways. We made it to our destination without getting lost, which was an added bonus. (I wish we had a subway system here, but it’s never gonna happen. Who still thinks the light rail is gonna work?) We ended up going to Greenwich Village in the NYU area for dinner. We ate at this lovely little restaurant called Pasta Presto. I had a delicious Tuscan Steak. So good.

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