Monday, March 3, 2008

Learning to Walk

So, Matt's been really into hiking the past couple of years and he's decided that he wants to take the dogs with him. He is scared that the rugged terrain will cut their little paws so he researched doggie shoes (yes, this shiz really exists) and he finally found some he liked and he thought would work well with hiking. This is what the shoes look like:
In theory, once you put them on your buddy, the dog should look as happy as this one:
In reality, the shoes bug the crap out of your dog and they can barely walk in them. I guess it takes some time for them to get used to the shoes. The first time Matt put the shoes on Daisy, I was at work, so Matt recorded it for me so I could see it when I got home. Now, I think I should say that I don't want to put them on her anymore because you can tell she doesn't like them, but I am posting the video because it was quite funny. It reminds me of those videos on the Discovery Channel that show newborn giraffes and cows learning how to walk. Enjoy!


TimaSue said...

so I'm divided.......its really kinda funny to see Daisy's feet go all crazy in different directions and then I feel bad because she seems so confused by the extra weight. any better with continued use? i've never seen boots except on bigger dogs, hers are so dainty compared to the other ones

Shannon said...

We tried putting regular socks on my dog once and he did the same thing, although watching him wasn't nearly as funny as watching Daisy in shoes. And did you notice she seemed to have 1 side that did fine (her left side, the one with only 1 shoe by the end) and the other side just went every which way (the front leg waved, the back flailed)?

Eunice said...

Tima- we haven't put them on her again. She really didn't like them. Well, I haven't put them on her but I don't know if Matt has. He says he hasn't but who knows.

Yeah, she really didn't like them.

Andrea said...

I never did comment on this?! I suck sometimes, but when we watched this at your house it was seriously one of the funniest things I have ever seen! It beats the time when I put tape on the bottom of a cat and watched it dance I think the boots were far less cruel.