Friday, April 24, 2009

Save Chuck

Yeah, I know I haven't updated this blog in awhile but I couldn't help but join the blogosphere in this Save Chuck campaign. A friend of mine gathered some thoughts on the show, including some from yours truly on why the show is great and why you should give it a try. Here's the link so you guys can go read it and don't forget to watch the finale while your at it. Finale airs on Monday, April 27 at 7pm on NBC.

CHUCK: The Best Show You're Not Watching


Shannon said...

Did you like the finale? Is Bryce really dead this time? Can you explain the whole Stanford/Dad/Bryce thing to me, I'm now thoroughly confused. My own fault, skipped a few episodes, but still. LOVED the ending (Guys, I know kung fu). Chuck is no longer Chuck "Computer Geek" Bartowski, he's now Chuck "I'll Kick Your Ass" Bartowski. That was awesome!

Shannon said...

Oh, and did we previously know Chuck's Dad flashes too? Or was that a surprise in the finale?

Eunice said...

LOVED the finale! I think Bryce is really dead this time, we saw it happen this time as opposed to before. That and the guy who plays him landed a role on another show. What do you want me to explain about the Stanford/Dad/Bryce thing? Dad and Bryce knew each other from the CIA. Dad had Bryce go to Stanford to take care of Chuck where they became friends and Bryce saw the potential in Chuck and when he thought he was going to die, he gave Chuck the intersect because he knew he could handle it.

Chuck's dad flashing was a finale revelation but we had clues that the intersect allowed you do have abilities. It allowed Chuck to be able to deconstruct codes in the third to last ep.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the timeline Eunice. If Bryce has been Chuck's protector all these years, I wonder how much of it was done behind the scenes without anyone's knowledge (except maybe Dad's), even after Stanford. Maybe we'll find that out in S3! I'm sure the Bryce/Dad/Stanford fallout will continue in S3 as Chuck processes it. Reminds me a little of Alias and Sydney Bristow being recruited by fake CIA SD-6 in college.