Wednesday, August 13, 2008

She said what?

This past weekend, my MIL wanted to go get her nails done, so I took her to the nail salon that was close to my house. Before I continue, let me just say that I’ve only ever had a mani/pedi done at Dolce Salon and Spa, which I adore…and yes, I know I like to spoil myself, sometimes. Sue me. Anyway, I was feeling girly, so I picked this really cute pink OPI nail polish which is a total 180° from the normal dark purple, almost black, OPI nail polish I usually use.

We sit down on the massage chairs and then the girls go off talking but I can’t understand a word they are saying. The whole time, my MIL is smiling and trying to hold her laughter in because they don’t know she can understand every word they are saying. I guess they didn’t think she looked Vietnamese or something. It turns out the girls were complaining about us…and we hadn’t even done anything! My girl was saying something about “Ugh, I have to take her nail polish off?!”…Uh, yeah. That’s your job, fool. Nothing really bad was said but they did talk about one thing or another about us the whole time we were there. I just found it hilarious that they had no idea that we, I mean my MIL, knew what they were saying.

They did an ok job but I didn’t get the same leg and hand massages that I get at Dolce and I actually understand what the people at Dolce are saying. It was cheap, so I have to give them that. The mani/pedi total for me and MIL together was less than just a pedi for one at Dolce. All things considered, I’d rather pay the Dolce price where at least they have the courtesy to wait until I leave to talk about me. Ignorance is bliss, as they say.


Shannon said...

That is so funny! But don't you wonder just a little bit what their faces would have looked like if your MIL (do you know how long it took me to figure that abbrev. out?!) had said even just 1 word in Vietnamese after you guys were done just to let them know you knew what they were saying? Part of me thinks it's funnier the way it is, like an inside joke or something. But definitely a classic story!

Eunice said...

It’s funny you mention that because after they were all done, she was going to say “Thank you” to them in Vietnamese so she could see the look on their faces when they realized that she understood everything they said. When they finished our nails, the girls who did our nails didn’t walk us up to the register. It was another girl so we didn’t get a chance to see their faces. Oh, well.