Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tomorrow is MY Pretzel Day!

Have you guys ever had a time when you’ve had something on your mind and you can’t do any work because you just keep thinking about that one thing and it’s like you can’t do anything else until you get this one thing out of your system? Well, I am going through that right now, except it’s been going on for like this whole week. It’s a disease that can only be cured by one thing and that thing is new Office. The Office returns tomorrow and Thursday’s will be right again and I couldn’t be any giddier! It’s like I am a chubby kid who was forced to go to some horrible fat camp by their parents and today is the last day of fat camp and all chubby kid can think about is the pantry full of ding-dongs and twinkies and ho-hos that await him when he gets home. There hasn’t been an hour this week that Andrea and I haven’t emailed each other with “squees” or speculation or just to express how extremely ecstatic we are for the show to return. I can’t wait for all the Jim and Pam goodness that awaits us (please Greg Daniels, at least give us that), the Michael/Jan awkwardness that will follow after what happened on “The Deposition”, and I’m still waiting for Dwight to show us what a warrior he is and how he will rise like a phoenix after Angela burned him.

Welcome back, Office! We missed ya.


Andrea said...

MAN OH MAN, I really and truly couldn't have said it any better myself! We have been waiting longer than ever for this new episode and tomorrow is THE DAY. We've heard that the new eppy is one of the funniest, so like always, we CAN'T wait. Seriously, it felt like tomorrow would never ever come. I better not say too much though, I don't want to jinx myself! ;)

Eunice said...

I know, I can hardly believe it! Thursdays are back, chica!

Shannon said...

So, call me lame, but I don't get the pretzel reference. What am I missing exactly? I'm not as geeked out as you two but I am looking forward to tomorrow too! :) Why is Dwight in normal Dwight clothes but Pam and Jim are way dressed up in the photo?

Eunice said...

Pretzel Day is a major storyline in one of the season three episodes. When you watch the episode, you will know what I mean when I say "This is my pretzel day". Come on girl--get to watching season 2. Dude, I gave my coworker the season three dvd a week after I gave you the seasons 1 and 2 dvds and he and his wife just need two more episodes...and they have kids. You need to get to watching!

Also, I disagree about that looking like Dwight. That is total Rainn in that picture. Rainn wears those dark rimmed glasses in real life whereas Dwight wears those geeky double rimmed glasses. And the clothes is total Rainn as well. It's nerdy sheek. Dwight would never wear a polo.