Thursday, September 6, 2007

Civil Offense!

In the words of Dwight I can only hope that the traffic officer that cited me this morning on my way to work gets something like "Uh, Leprosy, Flesh Eating Bacteria, Hot Dog Fingers, Government Created Killer Nano Robot Infection". I hate to say that, cause you know my belief of karma...but I didn't say it. Dwight did. To make a long story short, I got pulled over for speeding this morning! 53 in a 45, or so I was told, until the officer came back and said the speed limit was really 40. For all I know, he changed the sign when I wasnt looking or maybe there wasnt really even a sign posted in sight. I was doing good, havent had a ticket since...2004 sometime...and that was for speeding too...

All I have to say is "A lot of the people (COPS) here don't get trophies very often, like Meridith or Kevin (Or the officer that pulled me over!). I mean who's gonna give Kevin (The officer that pulled me over) an award, Dunkin' Donuts? " - Michael Scott.

hehe! my rant has ended..happy thursday to all...


Eunice said...

Yikes that sucks! How much was your ticket for? Do you have to go to defensive driving class? Let me add to your rant and say “I hope the w-a-r goes on forever and the officer gets drafted!” Was that too harsh..again, I didn’t say it, Dwight did.

Andrea said...

What a crazy morning! I hope your luck is better throughout the day! Oh and I love your use of Office quotes, that made my day!

Dave said...

Thanks. I tried hard to use the office quotes, Loved the one about dwight and doughnuts. So I have to either pay $163 for the ticket (GASP!)or $135 for the class, plus sit in the class...however, since this isnt anything like red light or accident, I think I'll save my defensive driving option for a more serious conviction.

Just a heads up, here are going rates for some traffic violations:
No current registration - $607
No proof of insurance - $157
Seat belt violations - $85
speeding 01-09 miles over $146
Speeding 10 over $151

Lesson Learned wear your seat belt and dont go not even 1 mph over the speed limit!

Don'tTrustMe said...

Zomg! thats wack, jhow can anybody drive the exact speed limit??
..maybe one of those super cool new cars, but there arent a lot of those

I think its more like:
going over 1-8 wont get you a fine
but at 9 and ur ass is mine!